It's all about the sex education tonight on Channel 4; they even have a new series called The Sex Education Show starting at 8.00pm (which isn't so much 'educating' as it is an insight into porn and bikini waxing). Their scheduling highlight tonight, however, is Kate Garraway's controversial foray into the world of wet-nursing. Garraway - herself the mother of a two-year-old daughter - investigates the pros and cons of 'oss-feeding, breast-milk donation and wet-nursing' by meeting some of the growing numbers of women who share each other's milk. Kate says; "To many this might seem weird, but they challenge us that it's actually much weirder to give our babies cows' milk than it is to drink milk from another woman. It's a journey I won't forget in a hurry." I'll second that. The people Kate meets include sisters who cross-feed their babies; women who are able to breast-feed even though they have never been pregnant; surrogate mothers who produce two gallons of milk a week for donation; and a cancer sufferer who believes breast milk has cured his condition.