Second season of this show continues featuring a whole new cast and a brand new work place . For those that missed the first season, it focused on the employees of a car showroom, with each episode told from a different character's point of view. This second season will follow the lives of a group of colleagues and friends at the call centre and warehouse of a sports sales company. It features a load of familiar faces including Matt Di Angelo as Fletch, who formerly played bad boy Dean in EastEnders, Griff Rhys Jones as Patrick, while Angela Griffin will play Jenna and Jill Halfpenny stars as Belinda.

Last week's fantastic opening episode focused on Joe, who became obsessed with the idea that his wife was having an affair, even installing cameras into the house. Tonight, the focus shifts to personal assistant Holly, who finds a note in her boyfriend Neil's pocket and becomes convinced he's having second thoughts about their relationship. Desperately unhappy and anxious, she starts to reminisce about her old flame, Adam Carver. She finds out he is newly single and assumes a new online identity to try and win back his affection. Oh dear Holly, you've taken a sharp left into crazy town there.