Presented by Craig Doyle, Now That's What YOU Called News 2010 is a revealing overview of what news we as a nation searched for online throughout 2010 in the privacy of our own homes, on our own laptops, on our own smartphones. Featuring an entertaining and interesting mix of both the serious and the less so, it explores the big internet stories of the year, be they about celebrity, politics, sport, business, health, natural disasters, entertainment or whatever. They'll vary from to a billion-plus viewed YouTube clip (should be Rubber bandits but will probably be Bieber) to multi-billion Euro bank bailouts, from celebrity affairs to political leadership heaves, from ash-laden travel chaos to a jubilant mining rescue. Featuring contributions from such well known newshounds and commentators as Bryan Dobson, George Hook, Claire Byrne, Mark Little, Rick O'Shea, Jacqui Hurley, Frank Fitzgibbon, Shane Coleman, Dearbhail McDonald and Jennifer O'Connell.