Owen Fitzpatrick returns for a second series of the programme, but to a very different financial environment. Employees are feeling lucky to have jobs, and don't really mind working long hours, while the self employed feel that they have to work and plan even harder to keep ahead of the recession. Families are undergoing dramatic change, people are under huge pressure, family routines and roles have changed. People need to manage this change and take control of it, rather than letting it manage them. With redundancies becoming a reality, people need to be more motivated and energised in order to forward plan and think clearly. Owen, a psychologist and time management expert, offers practical help and advice for the turbulent times we're living in. Episode one looks at the life of Elaina Fitzgerald, who works in the family business as sales manager of Woodlands Hotel in Adare, Co. Limerick. This year the hospitality industry will be hit strongly by the recession. In a job that could keep her occupied 24/7, she works long hours and her family fear a burn out.