Those affected by narcolepsy rarely meet anyone else like them. With little support on offer in the UK, three British narcolepsy sufferers - who can fall asleep dozens and dozens of times each day - head to a Narcolepsy Network conference in the US, where they attend a series of pioneering workshops. Ninety Naps a Day - part of Channel 4's Cutting Edge strand - follows the group as they meet others affected by narcolepsy for the very first time, but how will they react to the more emotional side of the workshops? Samantha, 23, is embarrassed of her constant collapsing, and initially struggles to embrace the openness of the conference. Tony, 14, struggles to stay awake at school, and is determined to learn more about alternative treatments. Ken and Christine's relationship has been put to the test because of Ken's narcolepsy, but will they be able to talk about it in public? The conference allows the group to purge frustrations and fears for the first time in their lives, as they try to find the advice and support they are after.