As part of BBC Three's Dangerous Pleasures season of thought-provoking documentaries exploring the darker sides of what some people will do for fun, Nicola Roberts (her off Girls Aloud) goes on a personal journey to explore the culture and consequences of tanning among young people in the UK, and the extremes to which they will go to get the perfect tan. She should go to Cork, that'd really send her over the edge. Since shooting to fame in 2002 as a member of Girls Aloud, Nicola has had to deal with life in the spotlight. Everyone seems to have an opinion about her fashion, hair and naturally pale complexion. In this film, she meets people from both sides of the debate; young women whose love of tanning is an addiction, who use sunbeds four-to-five times a week, and people from the tanning industry who claim that, used responsibly, sunbeds can make one feel happy and healthy. She also meets girls in their early teens who face pressure from their peers to conform and be tanned. Nicola also meets top dermatologists and cancer experts who reveal the risks to which tan addicts are exposing themselves and visits hospitals where some of the estimated 120 under-40s who die from skin cancer each year are treated - for skin cancer is the most common cancer in under-35s in the UK. Don't have BBC3? There's a new Silent Witness two-parter starting on BBC1 also at 9 bells.