Charlie Brooker returns to train his sights firmly on rolling news... despite admittedly knowing sod all about current affairs (he, until recently, questioned whether the 'IRA were protestants or catholics'). The six-part Screenwipe spin off will air on BBC4 rather than BBC3, and is being billed as a 'funny, thoughtful and scabrous digest of recent news events'. To quote the Guardian TV columnist himself: 'Just like, I suspect, many people, when I tune into the news I often feel like I've wandered into episode 389 of the world's most complex soap opera. So it's also about me trying to make sense of a bewildering and often bloody stupid world.' Tonight, Brooker looks at the news's obsession with the credit crunch, and the potty levels it has reached in general. Nick Davies authors a piece about the influence the PR industry has over the news, while Tim Key performs a delightful poem.