It's the final episode of season four of New Girl tonight, for any of you that are still watching. We were huge fans of this the first two seasons, and then... it just sort of lost its way a bit. Sadly it was when we got what we wanted and Nick and Jess actually got together - be careful what you wish for in TV land folks.

Tonight's finale sees the pair argue over a mug from their relationship - a sex mug at that. Still flirtations between them but at this stage all we care about is Schmidt and Cece. Will those two crazy kids give us the emotional reunion we have been waiting for tonight? Also, after leaving following the pilot, and returning for season three, Coach is off on his merry way once more, this time to New York with his new girlfriend. He's determined he can leave with a clean break and won't miss any of them, but Winston is quick to try and put him straight on that.