Clint Eastwood's last few films have been so laboured that it was difficult to see him making a picture which extended beyond the mildly interesting again. This adaptaion of Dennis Lehane novel, 'Mystic River' proves that you can never write the old geezer off, for this is an extraordinary piece of work. Staying behind the camera, Eastwood concentrates his energies on coaxing supreme performances out of his starry cast in this haunting, grown up drama which is set in a working class suburb of Boston. In a flashback prologue, we see how three boys, Jimmy, Dave and Sean, are hassled by a couple of adults, which ultimately ends with Dave being abused. Years later Jimmy's (Penn) eldest daughter Katie (Rossum) has been murdered and his old (albeit estranged) friend cop Sean (Bacon) heads up the case. The other boy in their triangle, Dave (Robbins), is now married, but he appears to be the prime suspect in Katie's murder. To say anything more about the plot of 'Mystic River' would be unfair, and though the narrative does rely on a couple of slightly implausible coincidences, Eastwood's work here is ravishing.