ONLY on Channel 4. There are around 15,000 monkeys living in people's homes in America. For some owners, the human-like qualities of monkeys turn them into more than just household pets. Some monkeys even become members of the family, as a preferred option to having children. My Monkey Baby looks at couples who raise monkeys, who are spoilt rotten: they have their own bedrooms; the latest toys and games; a seat at the dinner table and in the car; wardrobes full of designer clothes; and even make-up. And in the park their "primate parents" push their monkeys in prams to play on the swings and slides. To Lori and Jim Johnson, Jessica Marie is far more than a Capuchin monkey. "If I hear anyone call her a monkey I throw a fit," says dad Jim, "She's my daughter, 100 per cent". For Lori, having a "monkid" seemed the perfect answer to her needs: "I knew exactly what I was going to do, she was going to be a baby I was going to have forever." To have a child that never grows up sounds like a nightmare to many, but to these parents it can seem like a dream come true. What makes a couple take on a 40-year commitment to an eternal toddler? And how strong is the mother/ monkey attachment?