If you believe the headlines, today's teens are out of control. Drink, drugs, sex, suicide, eating disorders, violence and petty crime - you'd think they were on a mission to self-destruct. At least that's the stereotype. But what about the reality? This two-part series from the makers of Would You Believe offers a timely picture of what it's really like to be a teenager in today's Ireland. This two parter knits together two different sorts of insight. Reporters Anna Nolan and Roisin Duffy return to the parts of the country where they themselves grew up to spend time with today's teens. Through the relationships they develop, they are able to offer a series of intimate observational portraits of young people in urban and suburban Dublin and rural Donegal. What emerges is an accurate, touching, thoughtful, entertaining and, ultimately, hopeful picture of a generation that's bearing up pretty well under the strains of exams, peer pressure, domestic issues, commercialism, recession and everything else we throw at them.