Monty Don is back! You remember Monty, don't you?! Really? Channel 4 is almost certain we've missed him, they keep saying as much in the promo for this show... Anyway, Monty Don is back ('after a two-year absence from TV') to aid six families who have decided to give up the rat race and fulfil their ambition to live off the land, sharing his 40 years of experience with the novice farmers as they set up their smallholdings and aim for self-sufficiency *punches air with mucky fist*He begins with Dick and Pauline Beijen, who have left their executive existences in Holland in search of a higher quality of life in Devon, but with their savings running out, they realise their 44 acres cannot provide for the whole family... Looking for something more materialistic? The second episode of Material Girl is on BBC1 also at 8.00pm.