Comedy, starring William Shatner. That should be all the information you require… but sure here's a bit more. This new sitcom is based on the online ramblings of Justin Halpern, which became a hit when he started posting his own father's colourful quotes for all to read. But here, the story is basically a struggling writer loses his job at a men's magazine, and is forced to move back in with his argumentative 72-year-old father, whose frequent, politically incorrect rants become an unlikely source of inspiration. It might be sh*te but it's something new - and it's not made by RTE… unlike The Social (10.25pm). Craig Doyle presents the 'live chat show' in which he and three guests discuss the stories making the news, creating the gossip on TV and causing the biggest hits on the 'net. Only they haven't got the balls to integrate the net in anyway. Have a Twitter wall up at least.