At some point in their childhood, most children will experience nightmares or find it hard to get to sleep. But for some children, sleep problems take over their lives and those of their families. Imagine if your child woke up ten times a night, put themselves at risk by sleepwalking through the house or refused to sleep for more then three hours at a time? For some families, these scenarios are a crippling reality, threatening both their child’s development and the stability of the family unit. With exclusive access to Dr Cathy Hill at one of the UK’s leading centres for child sleep disorders, My Child Won’t Sleep follows three exhausted families over four months as they try out radical solutions in the hope it will give them their lives back. Three-year-old Keira Smith suffers from a variety of sleep problems which include sleepwalking, night terrors and multiple waking. Until last year, eight-year-old Harry Salt was a normal, happy, healthy boy. However, just over nine months ago he began to randomly fall asleep during the day, for up to two hours at a time. Finally, for the last three years, six-year-old Megan Hewett has slept for just three hours a night, regularly staying awake until at least 2am, which means her mum Rachel has a nightly six hour battle trying to get her daughter into her bedroom.