Robbie Coltrane stars in this three-part thriller showing a murder from three different perspectives and two time frames. Carol (Amanda Hale) is on the brink of getting married, but decides she cannot live her life fully until she finds out who killed her mother 15 years previously. The story then shifts back to 1994, when her younger self returns home to discover her house has become a crime scene. What follows is her dawning obsession with the ongoing investigation and the policeman in charge. Murderland is a drama that asks the question - can you ever move on from terrible events that befall you as a child, and grow up and make a new life? Or will you be forever haunted, unable to really live as an adult until you know the truth? When the event is the murder of your mother while you were only 13 and the murderer was never caught, a state of obsession can overtake you - you enter Murderland.