Mumbai is sooo hot right now. No really, boiling this time of year *hangs head*. Masood from EastEnders is moonlighting in this new comedy drama, about a man called Kenny Gupta. He is dispatched to India to turn around Teknobable, a failing call centre in Mumbai run by a manager who is more interested in chasing the female staff. Panic sets in when head office calls to announce the imminent arrival of an assessor. From the makers of British TV classics Birds of a Feather, Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Lovejoy, this series boasts a huge Indian cast as well as guest appearances by a host of familiar British faces across the seven weeks including Richard E Grant and Dennis Lawson, Indian Superstars Lilette Dubey, Chunky Pandey and Raj Zutshi (Slumdog Millionaire), and rising star Via Das. Oh, if you want to bid farewell to Tubridy's Saturday night slot, you can do so from 9.45pm on RTE1. WHAT will the Camembert Quartet do without him?