How does he do it? Seriously HOW? And for this long?! Someone must find it funny though, he's sold enough DVDs and tickets to the Olympia. Agnes Brown is a working-class widow living in Dublin. She runs a fruit and vegetable stall on the Moore Street market. But the most important part of her day is interfering in the lives of her six children: Rory, Cathy, Trevor, Mark, Dermot, and Simon. Rory, Cathy, and Dermot still live at home with her, as does Grandad, her deceased husband Redser's father, and their dog Sparticus. And living next door is Agnes' great friend Winnie McGoogan, and her daughter Sharon. Hilarity (for some) ensues. In tonight's episode, Dermot arrives home from work, dressed as a penguin, after promoting double-glazed windows all day, and Mrs Brown finally decides to call the doctor after Grandad declares that he's dying. Following at 10.25pm is a birrah Faddloh in Deh Recrooooh.