Jack Dee and Ade Edmondson, Jodie Kidd and Julian Clary, and Penny Smith and Rory McGrath embark on final leg of their journey as they head to Monaco. As they set off, Julian decides he and Jodie should go in search of some art and Rory suggests he and Penny get their teeth into an active challenge. Meanwhile, the programme follows Jack and Ade to Mouries where the annual Bull Festival is taking place. The pair ask the festival organiser if they can help out and are led to the ring and asked to stand at the side. Jack and Ade are shocked as the bull is released into the ring and chased around by ten men trying to get rosettes from its horns. As the bull charges at the men they leap to safety over the fence to where Jack and Ade are waiting. When the bull is safely back in its pen, they are given their important role - to clean up the muck it has left behind.