Gok Wan and Myleene Klass continue on their innocent quest to perpetuate the objectification of women, albeit without the aid of surgery. This week, the final 12 have to learn to love every bit of their body, no matter what shape or size. The would-be Naked Beauties face their personal body demons in a photo shoot with a twist, as the girls have to frame what they consider their worst features. Gok needs them to love every aspect of their naked bodies, and for some it proves very emotional. From there they must take on the high street and convince a big retail chain to say "no" to size zero and to put a size-14 mannequin in their shop window. Only ten women can then continue on this amazing journey and make it to the next round, where more personal and intellectual challenges await. Embarrassing Teenage Bodies continues at 9.00pm with the doctors meeting a girl distraught by her excess skin and four brothers who still wet the bed.