The sleepy hamlet of Little Worthy is shaken when a man’s body is found tied down in the model village, just like Gulliver in Lilliput. Sisters Harriet and Hilary Compton, who own the miniature village, are stunned, but caretaker Bob Moss seems more upset about the blood on his figurines from the violent stabbing. Victim Richard Tanner was a man who didn’t want Little Worthy to move with the times. His sister Jackie reveals he recently jilted his lover, schoolteacher Rebecca Rix, and Barnaby finds her classroom is full of children’s paintings about Gulliver’s Travels. The local hotel, Franklins, is run by Edward Palfrey and his simple girlfriend Bernice. Edward’s rebellious teenage daughter Christa is devastated at news of Tanner’s death. Rebecca tells Barnaby and Jones that Edward suggested the school’s Gulliver theme. Meanwhile, Mike Johnson from the gift shop and Kate Dove from the tea room are having a secret affair.