The Beeb must've forked out a rake load on this epic, magical, adventure-packed drama starring Colin Morgan, Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Richard Wilson, begins. It really is a visual feast. Merlin arrives at the gates of Camelot as a young man, sent by his mother to start a new life. Bright-eyed with wonder, he steps into the square where a crowd has gathered. A man, accused by the tyrannical King Uther (Giles) of using magic, is executed right before a horrified Merlin's eyes. In Camelot, the price for using magic is death - which's bad luck. As the axe falls, an old woman, Mary Collins, swears that one day she will avenge King Uther for the death of her son, before disappearing into thin air. If you want more plot lines, might we suggest you watch it. Richard 'I Dint Believe It' Wilson, Bradley James and a supped-up CGI dragon co-star.