This evening, Gwen faces an impossible dilemma when she is forced to choose between saving the lives of her estranged brother, Elyan, or Arthur, as the mystical adventure series continues. With one of them certain to die at the hands of Cenred, who will Gwen choose: the love of her life, or her only sibling?! Meanwhile, loyalty and friendships are tested to the limit as Arthur, Merlin and Gwen work together to try to find a way out. But, with Morgana and Morgause doing all they can to scupper their plans, will good conquer evil or will Gwen lose someone she loves again? You might need a laugh to unwind after all this drama; the last instalment of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow is at hand with the titters at 10.00pm. Tonight, he is joined by Jack Whitehall, Andi Osho, Sean Collins, and before you run away, Ardal O'Hanlon.