Episode two of this documentary featuring people from the multicultural hub of Balbriggan, continues to create a snapshot of a moment in time in Ireland's journey - looking at the lives of migrants who have settled amongst the town's natives.  Those airing their opinions tonight include a prawn fisherman, with Czech ancestry, voicing his frustration at the collapse of the industry; a Pakistani entrepreneur who plans to open a new shop; and a South African nursing-home night porter. By day, Louie Fortune sings his heart out and is about to launch his debut album. His experience of life in South Africa gives him a unique perspective on Ireland's multicultural challenges. Following at 8.30pm is the final episode of Pride of Parish. Inter-county hurler and club player Ollie Moran discusses the work of one of the country's most historic GAA institutions - Ahane in Limerick, which was most notably the home of the celebrated Mick Mackay.