Following a recent European Court of Justice ruling which forced a British holiday home owner to return the land to its original owner in northern Cyprus, Mike Nicholson investigates whether thousands more could lose their properties in the same way. Many Greek Cypriots are determined to get land back that they originally lived on at one time. But much of this land has since been sold by Turkish Cypriots who believed that this land was rightfully theirs to sell. Much of this disputed land has been sold to Western European folk hoping to build a better life for themselves in the sun. In 2005, Tonight interviewed the British couple at the centre of this battle, David and Linda Orams, who invested £170,000 in a property in Lapta in the hope of having a peaceful retirement in the sun. At the time they weren't prepared for the political storm they would soon find themselves embroiled in. Two years after they finished building their dream house, together with a swimming pool and lemon grove, the Orams received an unwelcome visit from a Greek Cypriot family who were forced to flee in 1974, with only the clothes on their backs. This week's programme revisits the Orams and finds out what this means for other British couples now facing their own Mediterranean nightmare. The last in the (dubious) series of Boy Meets Girl follows at 9.00pm.