What's nuts is that we're expected to believe the bird who bedded Spud in Trainspotting could pass for a prepubescent. She almost got away with it in Harry Potter, but this is an ITV funded affair and there aren't quite the same production values as a blockbuster movieā€¦ Anyway, this two part comedy is an adaptation of John O'Farrell's best-selling novel and is created by multi-award winning Mark Burton (Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Madagascar, Chicken Run). It centers on Alice Chaplin (Henderson) and her family moving to a gated community in Clapham, south London, where all the parents are desperate to get their daughters into the prestigious Chelsea College for Girls. When Alice becomes convinced her child Molly will fail the entrance exam, she takes drastic measures by dressing up as an 11-year-old to sit it for her. Darren Boyd, Elizabeth Berrington and Tony Gardner also star.