In this edition, Mary turns her attention to the familiar but old-fashioned world of sofa superstores. We've all seen their adverts for Bank Holiday sales, but do they really offer a good deal? Portas discovers an industry that puts commission, not customers, first. And her covert cameras reveal the sales techniques well-known superstores use to get us to buy. Mary is invited onto the premises of CSL Sofas - a northern chain run by Bentley-driving, go-getter Jason Tyldesley. Almost as soon as she's through the doors, she deftly picks apart Jason's idea of customer service, tears up his price-match promise and takes in hand Jason's Rotherham store, along with its team of raucous sales guys. From sofa hopping to The Joy Of Teen Sex (10.00pm); two girls visit Rachael Jones because they are unhappy with their breasts' appearance, and in the Sex Advice Shop Ruth Corden meets a 22-year-old man (hardly a teenager, but sure we'll leave it off) to help him overcome his aversion to oral activities.