From the outset this movie, staring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, may look like a typical romantic comedy that a dog happens to be in. But the dog isn't there to facilitate a love story, the dog is this love story, and even if you have never so much as patted your neighbours dog, this film gets its paws on you. It tells the story of journalist John Grogan who celebrates his wedding by getting his wife a golden Labrador puppy, hoping it might throw her off having kids for a while. Little do they realise the undertaking they have got themselves into, but over the course of their marriage, the dog becomes very much part of the family, for both themselves and the kids they later bring into it. It's actually based on a true story too, which makes this all the more heart warming. You'll never want to hug your dog more after seeing this movie, or else you'll go buy a dog. Screw it, to the kennels!