While the news of Brax's upcoming departure from Home and Away left us all with something in our eye, we were delighted to hear that he was very quickly snapped up for a Hollywood role alongside Tina Fey and his fellow expat Margot Robbie.

Like Steve Peacocke, Robbie also has a background in an Aussie soap and the former Neighbours star has soared to Hollywood A-lister after roles in The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus this last year.

Turns out, she is quite a fan of Steve too and has been describing him as "extraordinarily talented". She told TV Week; "He's so amazing. I have been absolutely blown away by Steve. I was raving about him last night.

"Steve started improvising and I was just in stitches. He and Martin Freeman were going back and forth and I literally just fell off the couch. There were tears streaming down my face, it was so funny."

Just Brax and Martin Freeman, having the bants!

Robbie added: "He is extraordinarily talented. If he doesn't blow up in Hollywood, I would be surprised. Anytime you see an Aussie doing well, you get that sense of pride."

The pair are set to star in the black comedy film Taliban Shuffle, which is a wartime memoir based on the real life experiences of terrorism and international affairs journalist Kim Barker.

Tina Fey will play Kim, while Peacocke is set to play a bodyguard of sorts that develops a bit of thing for her. At least that's what we've heard so far.

The film is also set to star Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, so Brax is certainly in good company.

Yes we know we should call him Steve, but he will always be Brax to us...