Last week, we met some deluded middle-aged women who thought Dominican men, a sliver of their age, were interested in their personalities. Harold and Maude it was not. This week, Our Turkish Toyboys follows two women, both separated from their husbands, who have given up on finding love in their hometown. Terry, 49, and Debbie, 47, have holidayed in Turkey together many times, but this two-week break in Southern Turkey promises to be special as they plan to celebrate Terry's 50th birthday and have brought their families with them. For both women the main attraction is the resort's thriving Bar Street. Terry says: 'The boys on Bar Street are not prostitutes but don't be under any illusion that you are their only girlfriend. They love British tourists: they think we are absolutely rolling in money and we are their escape to paradise". We're never sure who's using who, but the bang of desperation off both parties is palpable.