'I love Katie Price because she's dead, dead pretty. People look up to you when you are famous. I'd just love that, people looking up to me. I would love to have her hair and people writing into me email and stuff like that saying, 'I love you, you're a great singer' and stuff like that. I'd just love it.' Fourteen-year-old Emily Ruman like most teenage girls loves make-up, magazines and hair straighteners and has a burning ambition to be famous like her idols. She and her fellow students at Baines High School near Blackpool have been brought up on a diet of Skins, celebrity culture and reality TV. They are obsessed with fake tans, clothes and the latest gadgets. But, despite all these material trappings and apparent enhancements, surveys have shown that the self-esteem of teens is worryingly low. In this two-part programme, Tonight embarks on a unique social and scientifically-tested experiment, stripping 12 typical teens of the material trappings of 21st century life and changing the way they live for an entire month. Will breaking the cycle of rampant consumerism, make-up and mobiles make them any happier?