It's Christmas time and the Higgins sisters are throwing a party!! It's exciting news and there's a lot of work to be done - there's just one problem. Maeve hates parties. She is terrible at them so can't help being anxious and boring during the holiday season. At this neighbourhood party she tries her best and this time she does OK. Her inner critic makes a comeback when she meets her boyfriend's parents for the first time at Christmas - almost but not quite ruining her chances of making a good impression. New Year's resolutions are discussed with trepidation, as is marriage. Lilly makes an adorable gingerbread stable complete with a cute little Baby Jesus biscuit. Maeve ices Rudolf cakes while explaining what to do if a friend gets you a gift but you haven't gotten them anything. Helpful and tasty. It's all about confectionery for the girls this Christmas - they are thrilled not to present a turkey in this Yuletide feast - largely because Maeve stopped eating meat a year ago (she still eats fish, only 'cause fish can't scream. The show ends with a rural neighbourhood party in Cobh, featuring a Grandad and a surprise present.