Luther is devastated by the news of his colleague's abduction and throws himself into the investigation, knowing Cameron has an ultimate plan that is far more horrific than any of his previous murders. A desperate call from Caroline forces him to put his investigation on hold. At Caroline's house he comes face to face with Baba, Jenny's ruthless and vengeful gang boss. Baba considers Jenny her property and wants compensation from Luther for taking Jenny from her. He must either help her, or both Caroline and Jenny will die. Baba wants him to prevent a witness, currently held in a safehouse, from implicating her grandson, Toby, in a forthcoming trial. Unable to see an alternative, Luther agrees, frustrated at once again finding himself forced to act outside of police procedure. Idris Elba is DCI John Luther, Lee Ingleby is Cameron, Kierston Wareing is Caroline, Pam Ferris is Baba and Aimee Ffion Edwards is Jenny.