As Luther's affection grows for Jenny (you know, the quirky girl who is integrating herself into his life), so does his determination to protect her, as the crime drama continues. His wish to get her back on her feet even overrides his obsession with work and, for the first time in too long, he takes a holiday to help her. Their domestic morning is interrupted, however, by news of a violent attack at a petrol station. Luther reluctantly leaves Jenny, warning her to be careful. Meanwhile, Baba and her heavies continue to make their demands on Luther. As yet, he has been unable to find a way to end their blackmail. However, when Toby and Frank set Luther another task, he sees an opening through the obvious antagonism between the two men. For Jenny's sake he knows he must do what they say but, slowly, a plan to exploit Frank's frustration with Toby starts to formulate in his mind... Fans of Imagine will be thrilled to hear Yentob is back with a new series tonight, starting at 11.05pm. Alan meets clinical neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, who shows through case studies of patients no longer able to read, recognise faces or see in 3D how much people see not just with their eyes but with their minds.