Last week's Love/Hate seemed to have the entire nation on the edge of their seats - even more so than usual - as we saw Fran finally hear the secret Nidge was so badly trying to keep from him all these years. We know it's now definitely full on war between these two, but considering Fran is locked up in prison for the foreseeable, what drama awaits us tonight? It looks like it will be all about the downward spiral of Siobhan in this episode, who is not in a good way at all these days, but not sure when she has been come to think of it. Nidge discovers her and Pauly have been havin' at it tonight and is not impressed, which Siobhan seems to give zero sh*ts about, although that may have something to do with the rake load of drugs she's on for this episode. She still finds time to liaise with the Gards though... so eh yeah, you'd certainly be worried about her.