As the saying goes, everyone needs good neighbours. But who would you choose to live next door to if you had the power to decide? Enter another reality TV show concept! Alan Partridge's 'Monkey Tennis' is surely due to be commissioned by Channel 4 by next year? In Love Thy Neighbour an idyllic village in the Yorkshire Dales invites 12 families to compete for the chance to move into their picture perfect lifestyle - and the villagers get to decide who stays. Are the residents prepared to embrace change as families from all walks of life, with diverse racial backgrounds and sexualities, battle it out to win their hearts, and often change their minds, in a bid to win their dream life in the country and a £300,000 cottage? In the first episode the villagers have to confront their feelings on racial diversity as a young black family compete against a Yorkshire man and his family... As the highlighted viewing tonight is a laugh a minute *tumbleweeds*, you might want to stay tuned for the 10 O'Clock Show at 10.00pm. Well, record it, and just watch the bits with Charlie Brooker.