Originally broadcast on BBC2 two years ago, we see Louis travel to California to explore the obsessive world of nipping and tucking. The roving broadcaster travels to California, the birthplace of plastic surgery, to investigate the obsession with beauty and self-image. In his quest he meets Eve, a domineering stylist and her client Laura, and DJ Kris, who is resorting to liposuction to achieve the six-pack he so desires, leading Louis to consider having a nip and tuck himself. He meets those who are desperate for surgery and the surgeons who are literally cutting a swathe through the valley! Whilst there, Louis decides to take the plunge and undergo a procedure himself. Never one to shy away from really trying to get to grips with his subject matter, Louis is renowned for getting immersed in the stories he covers (he got a role in a gay porn film for one documentary, in another he slept in Jimmy Savile's mother's bed). This project is no different. Louis becomes a part of the plastic surgeon's daily lives, joining them for their consultations and operations in the search for everlasting youth. As Louis tries to understand the motivations of the patients lining the streets of America, he begins to wonder if he too might be a candidate for a snip.