In the last instalment of 'futile house porn', Kirstie and Phil take on their final challenge of the series in the shape of two pairs of buyers keen to set up home in London's leafy south west, but with very different lifestyles in mind. City workers Sarah and Ian have £250k to find their first home together, ideally in Balham so they can continue to frequent their favourite cocktail bars and restaurants. But on that budget, Phil knows from the start that getting them the space they want, inside and outside the property, is going to be impossible if he doesn't force them to consider other areas. With only £180k to spend, Kirstie's task is looking even harder, as she seeks to find a safe perch for legal eagle Jemma. Even with her dad, Ian, contributing some of the funds and helping out on the search, Jemma's dream of living on the fringes of Wimbledon Common looks forlorn at best.