Indeed, if you aren't at the mercy of BBC Northern Ireland you would be watching this at 9.30pm... but we won't quibble about the time. We did more than enough of that yesterday. For those who've been living under a bushel; Matt Lucas and David Walliams have taken their comic creations to the US for a new six-part series (and have since landed a film deal…) Familiar faces making an appearance include Lou and Andy, Carol 'computer says noooo' Beer, Marjorie Dawes (whose Fatfighters Group gets a visit from Rosie O'Donnell) and Daffyd (who's now the only gay on campus). The herd of new characters include Mildred - who shares inappropriate secrets from her past with grandson Connor; Bing Gordyn - the eighth astronaut to fly to the moon; muscle-bound gym buddies Mark and Tom - who can't quite control themselves in the locker room; and WHERE would you be without a potty-mouthed child?!