This week, Helena Bonham Carter makes a guest appearance. And she's a right bint. Warwick (AKA David Brent in midget form) launches a new website in a bid to get more work, but it only gets 12 hits - and some nasty online comments. Meanwhile, after his clients at Dwarves For Hire complain that Warwick takes the best roles for himself, he tries to appease them by making showreels re-enacting famous movie scenes. However, when a call comes looking for someone to take a role opposite Bonham Carter, Warwick takes it for himself. But, is it as glamorous as he hoped…? Nope, she loathes him. To date, we've had appearances from Johnny Depp and Liam Neeson, so that means we still have Steve Carell, Cat Deeley, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Les Dennis and Keith Chegwin to look forward to this season.