This documentary follows the lives of two Amish families leaving the only world they've ever known and trying to get to grips with the modern world. The Amish travel by horse and buggy, and dress exactly as their forebears did when they first arrived in America almost 300 years ago. They have countless rules which keep them separate from the modern world, with electric lights, mobile phones, television and radio all forbidden. For those born into this culture, leaving is the biggest decision they'll ever make. If you'd rather watch the X Factor of food with a nasty techno backing tracking, coupled with close ups of questionable teef, MasterChef might be an option (9.00pm BBC1). The eight remaining contestants are split into pairs to replicate Yotam Ottolenghi's vegetarian recipes. They are then challenged to prepare two waves of service for a group of circus riggers and performers in Peckham, south London.