Lady Randy is the amazing story of Winston Churchill's mother, American society beauty Jeanette 'Jennie' Jerome, and throws a fascinating light on the woman who, in many ways, made Winston Churchill. The film tells how Jennie wooed Randolph, son of the Duke of Marlborough, and brought much needed money to a family that had plenty of land (including Blenheim Palace) but little cash. Rumoured to have had many lovers, after her first husband's death, she remarried twice to men over 20 years her junior. Winston was born less than eight months after Jenny and Randolph's marriage in 1874. Initially, he was neglected by his mother as Jennie concentrated on pushing her husband up the political ladder. However, after Randolph's death from syphilis (hardly surprising), she transferred her political and social ambitions, calling in favours to promote Winston's career. The Greatest Englishman was half American and to understand Winston, you have to understand Jennie. From his mother, Winston inherited courage, inexhaustible ambition, a tendency to spend money he did not have and a refusal ever to give up.