We all know having the babies isn't all about the mammies, well actually it IS kind of all about the mammies, but those dads' are important too! This doc follows the lives of three fathers-to-be as they await the arrival of the new additions to their families. There will be some experts on a range of topics dealing with 'daddy and baby', as well as interviews with some celebrity papas - Nicky Byrne and Bernard Dunne. Those lads show up everywhere these days, don't they just? It features first time father Kevin Ferry from Co Donegal, Micheal O Draighneain from Ballincollig, Co Cork who is preparing for the arrival of triplets, and Richie O hEadhra from Ferns, Co Wexford, who reckons he will still have time for golf and pints. Yeah good luck with that Ritchie!