Yep, it's back, but this time it comes with a twist. Eight brash Australians with a taste for beer, boys and binge drinking, travel to Eggleston Hall in Teesdale to learn about etiquette and social graces. As the finishing touches are made to welcome the new class, expectation soon turns to dread. The teachers fear the worst when news arrives that the police have been called to the local airport following complaints of disruptive behaviour onboard. Hearing the raucous chant of 'Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!' coming up the drive, their worst fears are confirmed. Vice principal Mrs Shrager confronts the drunken rabble at the school’s entrance and uses all her authority and volume to shout them down. The stage is set for an epic battle of wills. The Aussie ladettes are stripped down to their ill-fitting undies and it’s soon all too obvious that these are tattooed recruits of the rawest kind. If this is your idea of hell in an hour, try I'm Running Sainsbury's over on Channel 4 at 9.00pm.