Harry Lockhart (Downing JR) is an all round decent, petty thief. When one of his late night sorties is rumbled by the police, he is chased into a movie audition where his adrenaline and edginess from the pursuit awards him a trip to LA for a screen test. At a producer's party he hooks up with Gay Perri (Kilmer) - a ruthless, tough and gay private detective - who reluctantly takes Harry under his wing in a case he is investigating. When a childhood sweetheart, Harmony (Michelle Monaghan), comes to Harry in the hope that he will solve her sister's alleged suicide, Harry finds that the two cases are somehow connected. Bodies surface (and re-surface) and the inept detectives realise that the murders go deeper than they first thought. Writer⁄Director Shane Black wrote Lethal Weapon and this buddy⁄action movie has a lot in common with that quick-fire abusive dialogue.