Kirstie Allsopp and all her spare time return for a brand new series of Kirstie's Homemade Home and this time she's spreading her crafty message by taking on dowdy homes across the viewing population. After transforming her own home using homemade crafts (no doubt made by budding designers who will do anything to "work on TV"), reclaimed pieces and hard graft, Kirstie turns her skills to showing others how to make great use of the old, and proving that everything doesn't have to be brand new when it comes to making a creative home. In this opening programme she meets Shaun and Gemma Ward from Wolverhampton who are desperate for some inspiration to transform their six bedroom Victorian town house. The ideas covered in this episode include stained glass windows, a master class in curtain making, a trip to the blacksmith ('cause who hasn't got one of those in their locality), and a visit with crochet expert Erica Knight.