You might have noticed that Location, Location, Location has been replaced with just Kirstie burbling on about crafts, 'cause well have time to make fancy confectionary from scratch with our own fists. The only show that's more infuriatingly residing up its own posterior is anything featuring Sophie Dhal. In saying that, I might try making Kirstie's buns when I have a spare five minutes this weekend *tumbleweeds* Indeed, Allsopp travels across - you guess it - Britain visiting county and agricultural fairs, and puts her creative skills to the test by entering some of the toughest craft competitions. At the Devon County Show, she tries to succeed in the Afternoon Tea contest by offering up her finest baked goods, and receives advice about scone-making from baker Richard Hunt. She also tries her hand at honing Kumquat éclairs. Take that, Dhal. For more viewing involving people who live on another planet, Grand Designs follows at 9.00pm.