onight sees the return of this whimsical six-part drama which follows the fortunes of Stephen Fry’s character, Peter Kingdom. Peter, in case you weren't aware, is an affable country solicitor in the picturesque Norfolk town of Market Shipborough. For those who find this programme too rose tinted, it might help to know that it's grounded in reality considering Norfolk is where Fry grew up and where (according to the show's press release) he loves to escape to from time to time. The first episode in the series sees Peter with a new lease of life, free from the shackles of his wayward brother who now rests in peace. Beatrice is settling into motherhood in her own unique way. Lyle is now a fully qualified solicitor and keen to prove himself, while Gloria's dealing with a demanding father. The flood has long retreated and everybody is getting on with their lives. See? Floods, demanding elderlies and welcomed deaths; nought rose tinted about that. There's also a bit of totty striding around in tight-fitting equestrian ware. June Whitfield and Peter Sallis guest star.