The first of two profiles investigating infamous murder cases of recent times, beginning with an examination of the killing of Rachel O'Reilly by her husband, Joe. It tells the real story of all of the events surrounding the murder; the discovery of Rachel body, the painstaking investigation into her death, the arrest, trials and subsequent convictions of Joe O'Reilly. First thought to be the victim of a bungled robbery, it soon emerged that gardai investigating the case believed Rachel had known her killer and that her murder had been carefully planned months in advance. The programme features an emotional interview with Rachel's mother Rose Callaly, who for the first time on television gives an in-depth account of the real relationship between Joe and Rachel. Considered one of the biggest Garda investigations in recent history, the documentary also includes an interview with renowned forensic psychologist, Professor David Canter, who analyses Joe O'Reilly's character and his behaviour with the media. Key Gardai and detective inspectors who painstakingly unearthed the mobile phone evidence, which led to O'Reilly's arrest, also feature in the programme, as well as respected crime and court correspondents Jenny Friel, Kathy Sheridan and Dearbhaill Mc Donald who reported from the courtroom on a daily basis.