Not to be confused with Katie Price's new reality show, Katie (you can watch that tosh on Sky Living from 9.00pm if you have self-loathing issues); this new four-part documentary series follows Katie Piper's progress after a horrific acid attack destroyed her face two years ago. Millions were moved by the documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face, which showed her extraordinary determination to overcome the physical and emotional damage wrought by the attack. The series follows her over a year as Katie sets up a charity to help others living with disfigurement. She's meeting people with a range of disfigurements, hoping to build a network of mentors to spur others on. With candid humour, they ask each other the difficult questions no one else can about how to get the best out of life when others can't get past how they look. In the first programme of the series, Katie meets two young women who have experienced very different forms of disfigurement. The second instalment of Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags follows at 10.00pm.