In the final programme, Katie has gained the confidence to move out of her parents' home and into her own place. It's a huge step forward: after her attack, it took Katie a year to even venture out to the corner shop. The fear of negative reactions to her disfigurement is an experience that 22-year-old Kayleigh knows only too well. She was born with Pfeiffer's syndrome, and her bones fused as they grew. Despite surgery, the condition has affected the shape of her head and face. Throughout her childhood she suffered taunts, becoming a virtual prisoner in her flat. But now she wants life to be different, and has enlisted Katie's support. George is a father of two facing a terrible dilemma: surgery that could save his life will leave him further disfigured. Having seen his own father's face ravaged by a shared hereditary disease, he wants to avoid the same fate and the trauma for his kids. Katie re-visits Chantelle to find out if the operation to remove a life-threatening cluster of blood vessels in her nose has been successful, and whether she's managed to save her marriage and transform her life.